I am not sure what is the professional thing to do

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I have a question for anyone that has their own website and truly understands SEO. I have recently starting blogging on my website and I am using Surfer and Jasper to help optimize my blogs. So far, I am getting great results on my personal blogs. My website was created years ago (for other reasons other than blogging), and I had several guests write their own blogs that I put on my site. They were all professionals in my niche of physical education.  None of the earlier blogs they wrote were optimized for Google search results.

My question is, should I delete their blogs or try to go in and optimize them for SEO by trying to figure out keywords that might match and going through Surfer to add in content? I am not sure what is the professional thing to do. If they wrote the blog but it is on my website, do I have the right to change what I want on there? The articles are mostly personal educational experiences from their perspective. If I delete their blogs, (about 30 of them), will that hurt my own SEO on my website. I have recently added about 25 blogs (I wrote) that are all optimized.

Kind of in a dilemma...any suggestions would be appreciated...thanks in advance.

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1. Check internal linking and eliminate 0 value / irrelevant content.

2. Update the more interesting ones if they are not evergreen.

3. Eliminate dead links and review backlinks (if you have any)

4. Improve the technical SEO of every post if you can.

Rd1 done.

Ps: If you have topical authority review the top and mid performers more thoroughly. If not then concentrate on building these.

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In short, I would keep them. Try optimizing the structure and make sure to have the correct authors listed. Link their socials as well.

Google seems to like when you have solid contributors on your site with the proper links to back it up

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I think about this too. Great question. Editorially-speaking you can update the content (if dates or numbers are out of date, or link to fresher sources) and add your name and date on the bottom that you did that.

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Keep it simple.

1 - See what keywords those articles are ranking for

2 - Put those articles into Surfer

3 - Choose the keywords based on #1

4 - Sit back and evaluate new rankings and traffic 4-6 weeks later


I would suggest reporting back after this and then can decide what next steps might be.

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Is ranking their content a part of your Seo strategy or are you just doing stuff to do stuff? Why not write new content optimized for the topic?

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I can't answer all your concerns but I'd say

Keep content if its meaningful and quality. Some optimization can be done without affecting published copy.

Think about aggregating into super content maybe which alleviates editorializing concerns perhaps.
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