What is the best structure for websites at the moment?

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Hi! For the last few days I have been wondering what is the best structure for websites at the moment.

Many people write that it is best to use the shortest possible links, e.g.



Others, on the other hand, say that a much better solution is:


Most websites / competitors use the short form, but when I searched the internet I noticed that the biggest agencies - webfx & thriveagency have very long links.

What is your opinion on this?

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Whatever you build your authority around.

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Do what is natural and logical. Whatever you do do not create flat URL structures especially for blog posts. This is TLD/post-name/ that's bad. So with that said if you have a services page that is your parent page for the more granular services that gateway to the specific service therefore you want the name of your service page as clicked up one and click depth to is the specific service page. Perfectly logical. E-commerce site hierarchy has some caveats and is much more complex but that's the general advice I would give. Keep it natural and logical.

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Very low on priority list. Good structure matters. If its e-commerce then I'd care more.
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