What do you think about backlink suggestions from SEMRush?

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Hi all, I wonder what do you think about backlink suggestions from SEMRush. I recently started paying for it, but the backlink suggestions that it is giving me for some of my clients websites seem to be a bit fishy. Is it just me, or is it a real thing? After analyzing the suggestions, it looks like there´s no real value trying to get those backlinks. If someone has experience with this, I´d much appreciate your comments on the matter.

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I use it and have managed to find decent BL opportunities for all of my clients, but you do have to wade through an awful lot of irrelevant domains to find the good ones. It's definitely not the reason that I pay for my subscription, but it's a useful extra.

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When I have used the tool, it is really only as good as the keywords you feed it. What I have found is you will get better link prospects if you are more specific with your keywords. If you go too broad, you will just get a huge list to sift through. For example, instead of using "therapist" use terms like "ketamine therapy for treating depression", "therapy for postpartum depression", "helping a family member suffering from a gambling addiction", etc. You will get better link prospects that way.

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I have never found it to be of any value at all.

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it's automated. if u wanna do backlinking with a tool u gotta look for opportunities manually
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