How can I deal with rogue Google business listings for my client's many locations?

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My client is present in multiple states with thousands of locations with independent service reps. Just about every week we see a slew new local listings which service reps or someone they've sub-contracted creates on their own.

We're trying to quickly setup process and governance around this but in the meantime how might we go about finding new "rogue" listings? Once we find rogue listings we either delete if duplicate or move into our management.

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if it's a traditional company then they need to get thier policy straight to prevent them from being opened. If it's like an MLM with independent agents acting on their own behalf, then no chance. Can't think of a solution short of getting a custom scraper coded to basically skim Google in all those cities for what you are looking for - probably could get an automation coded to deal with closing the clone accounts. A big company like that... they have the funds, but they also have the funds to pay you to manually deal with it, which is likely what they will stick to until someone can deliver the pipeline to do otherwise.
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