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I was speaking with someone about SEO for medics and medical clinics etc the other day and they asked if I had experience with WebMd, Health Line and Health Grade. I know what those websites are but I am unsure of how they relate to SEO for a clinic.
What are they referring to?


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In my opinion, those sites have a depth of general content that most clinic/hospital websites lack but definitely could use to improve Organic visibility.

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That's a weird question, I mean I understand they are authority sites in health but other than that I don't see what experience you should have. Maybe they hinted if you can get them backlinks from there or if you have contacts there. Or maybe they don't quite know the difference between SEO and advertising on those sites

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He definitely don’t know ABC of SEO. It’s always a game of finding and targeting the right keywords. I am running a medical website and my site is outranking heathline and webmd on thousands of keywords. Only you need to do is, proper keyword research and writing quality content.
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