Is there a way to troubleshoot mobile optimization properly?

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For some reason, Google is hellbent on the fact my client's website is not mobile optimized when it clearly is.

Is there a way to troubleshoot mobile optimization properly? All I'm getting from Google is "Content is wider than screen" when it clearly isn't, and I see a screenshot that is clearly not what my mobile website looks like. Not sure how to proceed, any help appreciated.

For reference, the website is made with WordPress Elementor, using Hello theme and hosted with Cloudways Digital Ocean.

EDIT: Whenever I run a mobile friendliness test, it appears Google Smartphone Bot has trouble loading a bunch of .js and .css resources, causing it to think that the website is not optimized for mobile. The error I get is "Other Error" (not robots.txt related).

EDIT #2: Hosting is super fast, i hooked up the domain Cloudflare Enterprise (comes with a CDN) via Cloudways, compressed images and created .webp alternatives for all images with Smush WP plugin, and used Breeze plugin to minify HTML, and minify & combine CSS & JS.

Seems like the screenshots now appear normal in the mobile testing tool (they looked totally off before), but Google still mentions that my content is wider than screen. So frustrating.

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I've gotten this before too on sites that were clearly mobile optimized, so I just blew it off
Ho Yee

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make sure you declare viewport (insert a metatag code) if you have responsive design

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If it doesn’t look like it using GSC testing tool then it’s likely you have. Assets that are hard to access for Google bot smartphone

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Did you try turning off all caching plugin/module and then run a live test in GSC?

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one way is to do validation and let google resolve it on their own. Another way is to move the site to a faster hosting that will also help resolve this issue in the future.
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