Google Ads (KW plan) Vs Semrush

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Hi All, I am doing some keyword research as refining some existing copy. Normally I use Semrush, however as I wanted to restrict the geographical area I decided to also look into Google Ads Keyword Plan. I was shocked to see there was so much discrepancy in the volume of KWs between the two.

Where Semrush spits out a more precise volume of say 320, Google will give a range of 1k - 10k ? Why is there such a big discrepancy, and who to trust? Google, seeing as s/he is the Big Boss?

I am hoping someone more experienced can shed some light into this.


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SEMRush for PPC is mediocre. Personally I always use Google proprietary tools as much as possible.

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Semrush tries to make your money, and Adwords tries to take your money. It's an old adage to say, you never know what it's really like until you get there. Adwords clusters volume in variant groups, they've made anti-SEO changes many times. Google might be the boss, but they're certainly not your friend.

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You have to run ads to get more precise numbers in Keyword Planner. Otherwise they just give ranges

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I never trust any tool when it comes to search volume.

It's only good to see if term A gets more searches than term B, etc.
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