I'm at that point in my first draft where I'm 30,000 words in and wishing

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I was a plotter and not a pantser.

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at times like that I go semi plotter and write out some chapter titles for things I've already dreamed would happen. I end changing half of them but it gives me a bit more structure when I oddly want it.

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I've been Pantsing my chapters, then making a post draft outline to help with revisions.

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Unless you're unusually talented, you HAVE to plot your story before you begin. Some folks believe you just dive right into writing a story to "see where it takes you". Well, unless you've plotted, foreshadowed and forewarned, the story won't take you anywhere. So forget about being a "pantser"....you must learn to PLOT. Simple as that.

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Just remember the point and focus of your story. Make sure what you’re writing is on track, and if it isn’t, get it back there! It’s not too late to plot where to go from where you already are too.

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You can change, or flip back and forth, or do whatever you need to get the story out. There's no pants/plot rule book. Outline what you have, or draw on a white board, or use index cards, or whatever tool helps you see the story more clearly...brainstorm questions you have about the plot or characters, motivations, etc.

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Just let your characters tell their story. They know where they're headed. If you've lost touch with your characters, set it down for a week or two. They'll come back.
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