Has anyone else tried the tactic?

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After reading the story of how Andy Weir found readers (and critical editing) for "The Martian," I've been thinking about doing my own "story blog" to see if it might create some motivation.

Has anyone else tried the tactic and, if so, did it help or hurt?

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I blog. I have several blogs. Some are related to my fiction, some are fiction themselves, some are unrelated. I have a few followers. I probably get a few book readers that way. But given that hundreds of hours working on blog posts may be earning me five or ten extra dollars in book sales, if marketing were my only reason for blogging, I wouldn't blog. Now, somebody who is better at online marketing than I might have very different results--there are definitely people who can get hundreds or thousands of followers on their blogs fairly quickly because they know all the right tricks, I just happen not to.

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I’ve been posting to a blog every week for three years – I have about 15 loyal followers. If you are really savvy at marketing and get yourself out there it might help at the same time there are literally millions of blogs being written every week so… It’s a little hard to stand out from the crowd
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