I'm having troubles on naming the group

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Hi! So uh.. Beginner writer here, And I am currently working on something.

So basically, It's about a group, A group which protects and creates universes and stuff, But I'm having troubles on naming the group, Any ideas?Thank you!

Post by Shannon »

You’re creating a whole universe and beings with superpowers but can’t come up with a single name?

Nope. I think you CAN do this no problem. Trust yourself - they’re your people in your world. We shouldn’t get a say in such an important detail!

You’ll think of something even if it takes a while.

If you can create entire worlds, you surely have the ability to do this.

Post by Lynn »

I would call them the group as you write. Then when you get to know their idiosyncrasies, their name will come to you.

Post by Tim »

Depends on the genre and vibe of the book and the members of the group - they’d be the ones naming it.

Something vague? The Creators. The Universals. The Life. The Collective. The Them. The Unnamed.

Something more lighthearted? Jessie’s Book Club. The SDEPSLC (Sunday Drinking, Eating Pizza And Spawning Life Collective). worldsoc. The Amazings Plus Barry.

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I know you're a new author and all... but you name it. Do some research. It's not good to get into the habit of asking other people to name your creations or feed you ideas.

Post by Robert »

Pharmaceutical companies do it all the time making up strange names for their poison. Just start putting letters together an re-arrange them a few times. Pick you favorite 5. Then prioritize 3. Drop one , then flip a coin...just don't call it hitchhikers guide to the galaxy

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Whenever I need a name for a person or thing, and can't think of one I like within a couple of minutes, I use a placeholder and carry on writing. When I think of a name, I use the wordprocessor's search and replace to drop it in. I generally use a letter and a digit, so that there's little danger of accidentally replacing part of another word. The heroine's love interest in one of my books spent the entire first draft being called H1 - H for handsome, because that was her initial attraction to him, and 1 because he was the first H placeholder in that book.
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