My daughter did not gain any weight

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Despite the fact that we did a lot of progress in eating habits , my daughter did not gain any weight from February, her doctor wants us to bring her for weight check in 3 months!

I am feeling defeated.

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Some kids don’t gain weight easily - my son was on a bulking formula and it still didn’t work.
All I can say is kids go through growth spurts and sometimes they sometimes they don’t. My son only in the last 6 months has gained weight despite me infusing calories in his regular food .

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My new philosophy is as long as she did not loose any weight and has increased in height. Also if healthy and happy I will take it.

If that helps. I try not to compare to peers as she has picked up on this and has pointed out smaller kids in the 2nd grade. That made me feel so bad. Would never want to add to the problem.

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Please don’t. You’ve noticed the progress so you know things have got better!Sometimes things aren’t all about the numbers. It might just take time or you have a child that doesn’t really put on weight easily. I didn’t and was regularly checked as a kid for my weight and I wasn’t a picky eater.
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