Picky eating after a tonsillectomy?

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All our usual go-to items are going to be out (nuggets, pies, toast etc). She doesn't eat dairy or anything 'smooth' in texture. So far I've got banana and that's about it.

What have your picky eaters done after this surgery?

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They say to pretty much eat anything and not just stick to hard foods. I've been through this twice and let them eat literally whatever they felt like cause anything was good. But if chicken nuggets is their go to it won't hurt them

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Had this with both our kids. One arrived home demanding a peanut butter sandwich, the other only “ate” ice lollies for a week. The nurse said that they can eat or drink anything

Except dairy

Except rough foods like crunchy crisps

Good luck!

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My daughter barely ate for 2 weeks but drank plenty..once she was healed she went back to her safe foods but still a picky eater.

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My child woke up from having his tonsils out and had nuggets and chips for dinner. There were only a few foods the ent doc said he couldn’t eat so you might be OK.
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