How little can a 3 year old live off?

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I Feel so stressed by this. We are dropping off day by day on intake . Awaiting paediatrician

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You need an OT (occupational therapist) they give you advise on how to get your child to eat. Personally it didn’t work for my daughter but has done for plenty of others.

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We just went to a specialist this week to find our whether there was a (hormonal) problem with the growth of our twins. They're really small and thin. We told him of course that they don't eat much. The doctor told us that the growth doesn't have anything to do with what and how much they eat. It's a genetic programme that runs. That really made me feel better. Of course kids need nutrients to have energy etc., but they won't stop growing because they eat little. I think it's good you're seeing a paediatrician, and I do hope they tell you the same thing!
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