I feel guilty as a mother

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My daughter who is 2.5 years old would hardly eat breakfast, will eat only a few spoons of rice with lentils for lunch then some pasta like half a cup for dinner. She eats only a handful things. No store bought snacks that other kids devour. No breads or muffins or oatmeal or pancakes. I see how well BLW kids eat themselves with variety. I don’t know how do I correct all this. When she was born I was asked to feed her pureed food until 13 months and I wasnt aware of the BLW method. So she wasnt exposed to many foods. Now If I serve her variety, she rejects after a bite. Also I have to feed her as she is highly disinterested in food.

I tried eating with her but that doesn’t make her interested in food.

Family meals are not possible as we all eat at different times.

I dont want her to have bad relationship with food. Any words of advise would be highly appreciated.


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Research did not find any significant difference in puree vs BLW baby in terms for picky eating. Both mine are BLW, one is pickier and one is not.

Don't feel guilty. You are doing a great job keep exposing them to different food.

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Does she still drink milk? I have to limit my daughter's daily milk intake, which she could drink all the time (she's 2.5 and loves her oatmilk), because it keeps her full and not interested in solid food unless it is snacks.. also, when she has a very picky day and not eating much, I don't mind feeding her, although I encourage her to eat by herself. And yeah, BLW does not make a child non picky, we did the BLW method and she's a very selective eater. I

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I don't know if this will at least make you feel better but my puree fed child is my least picky eater. My BLW child who is the middle, is the worst. It likely is nothing you've done. Keep trying, offering & sharing.

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I don't think it matters, honestly I've got 4 and each of them were fed according to the recommendations at the time and I got 2 picky and 2 will literally give anything a go. I think we see lots of blw kids eating well because it's popular at the moment for feeding kids but those kids might have also been not picky with blended foods too. Give yourself grace we all do the best we can at the time

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Has nothing to do with BLW or purée. I did traditional purée with both my boys and one is the picky one and the other one eats everything. Every child is different even if treated exactly the same.

Best advice is to eat with your child. Take a bite see if they want a bite too. This is what I do with my second child and we still offer the first child all the same. 9/10 he will try a new food. Get them to help choose what meal to eat or preparing the meal even if it is just smelling the raw ingredients or touching things.

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It doesn’t matter if you did BLW or not. I did BLW, my son ate everythinggggg until like 2yrs old and now he’s super picky

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Feel like you exactly explained my situation . I tried BLW with her from the beginning . But never success with food.

I only can feed her a bit with high distraction like favoirite show on the TV or while dad playing something very interesting .

I have been feeling guilty for a long time now and frustrated / depressed from other groups where kids are amazing with food .

Went to feeding therapy , didn't get much help , also very expensive every session .

I am kind of lost as well . Don't know how and where to start .. my daughter is such a independent happy child . I just couldn't do anything with food . She is always under weight and small
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