Just where do you go from here?

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Thought I’d post this to maybe make some of you feel better about foods your little one is eating.

Apart from chips at the pub the only thing my picky eater has eaten all week is Betty Crocker Vanilla cake mix. (The powder that’s basically flour and sugar and raising agent and flavouring) I’ve managed to combine it with a good proportion of ground almonds and spoonful of baobab fruit powder and it’s still been accepted which I count a win as he is getting in a couple of his 5 a day that way which is an achievement.

It’s so far from ‘normal’ food though. Argh! Just where do you go from here?

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Maybe try food chaining? Like, if he eats French fries, try offering fried zucchini that is cut in the same shape? Or fried carrots?

Have you done family style meals where he serves himself? We do family style and always play with food. We have tried to offer similar foods with no luck. But we just stay the course and hope things improve.

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I would not let him eat the cake mix unless you bake it first. Raw flour can contain e.coli. just pop it in the oven first on a cookie sheet for 5 minutes at 350°.

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I just want to say - totally feel your pain. My little guy only ate chips this weekend too. Big hugs. You are doing an amazing job mumma.
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