Just venting because I'm an emotional wreck

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So my son is the picky eater (2y).. but i still try. This morning i tried adding to his breakfast octopus shaped cooked hot dogs and he was having fun taking bites of them playing that he was eating the octopus' legs and head... and so i thought it was cute and took a video and sent it to my parent's..the plate was filled with various options of food... my sister then sends me a text saying that i should stop sending my parent's videos because they're over there talking crap abt how why am i giving him so much food, its such a waste of money, that i already know how he is why am wasting food like that, that he's just going to taste the food then go in the trash, blah blah blah"....

It broke my heart to hear that .... because what i thought was a fun/cute video of my son ACTUALLY eating became such a negative thing. Like shoot am i supposed to give up and not feed him at all because "i know how he is"? NO my job is to offer if he's hungry he will eat. But i HAVE TO try!...

I'm just so upset and hurt

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Mommy, u are doing good !! Do not be broken because of this. People will always have something to say!! No matter who!! I do what is best for my kids as a Mother- do not let anyone let you down because what is best for you and your child !! Keep up ur work and you don’t share with anyone .. i wish my daughter ate octopus shape or any shape food lol .. ur doing amazing

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You’re doing great. Send the videos to us instead so we can celebrate with you

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That’s horrible that they would say that knowing that he’s a picky eater. Should you just not feed him?

I’d be petty and stop sending ANY videos and pictures of your son and any other kids you may have. If they ask, I’d say, “Since you seem to criticize how I feed my son, you’ll probably criticize anything else I do with him/the kids. So I’d rather send you nothing.”

Keep doing what you’re doing. Exposing him to new foods is the best way to help him.

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Moments like these have taught me important life lessons, the one here being that not everyone takes pleasure in our small moments of joy. Me and my husband also scrutinize every photo and video before sending to our parents now, knowing that those will get judged or forwarded to our extended families.

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1. You are doing amazing and your boy is lucky to have you as his mommy
2. Sometimes people don’t react the way we want them to when we share things that make us happy. Their reaction is not in your control. But don’t let it spoil your feeling of success (easier said than done, but for what my opinion is worth, it was a success that he ate it!)
3. Your parents might be old school or grew up with food insecurity and they are having trouble moving beyond it. Waste bothers my grandma, but she grew up dirt poor so eats whatever is put on the table. Everyone’s relationship with food is SO different. It doesnt mean it’s OK to talk crap about something you clearly were happy with, but sometimes we have to give people the benefit of the doubt, or tip toe through the tulips by avoid conversation pieces that we know might trigger them.
4. Keep on doing YOU. Parenting is done best when you follow your own instincts and do what feels right. Sounds like youre giving your child every opportunity to learn and grow. BRAVO mama!

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You are doing great! I feel like we are always playing with food over here, and it is exhausting. You should celebrate! My kid never eats hot dogs.... I wish she would. That's a huge win, and you should be proud!
Ml ~

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I do the same my 2 yr old daughter doesn’t eat anything but like 4 foods but I fill up her plate with various foods so that she haves options in hopes that she will eventually want to try it all out and yes it’s most of the time goes in the trash but that’s OK I will do anything for my daughter. You keep doing what you think is best to help your baby only you know what’s best

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You are doing a great job, Momma! It is so fulfilling to see our little picky eaters actually eat the things we prepare for them, so don't be heart broken. Keep on doing what you are doing, and if they talk crap about it, then go ahead, but know that you are doing this for your child and not for other people whether its family or not.

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Everybody thinks it's easy to feed a kid. My mom wants drove an hour and 15 minutes to my house to show me how easy it was to feed my baby. Food. My aunt told me she would have loved to come over the house to feed my child cuz it is not that hard to feed a child... It's not hard to feed a child who eats.

We have learned so much in the years between when our parents were raising us and now. You are doing amazing. People judge what they can't understand and our parents are not immune to that. I am so sorry, and I really hope you find supportive community that helps you overcome their judgment

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Keep serving all the food with a safe option! My daughter finally got the ARFID diagnosis, but they were so impressed with the range of foods she eats (her issue has always been intake amount). They congratulated me on how I always serve the same food for everyone (plus the safe food) and said that’s def what makes the difference!

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How do they know if the food gets wasted? Maybe you or your husband eats the left overs. Maybe it’s given to a family pet. Who’s to say. Even if it goes straight to the trash…are they paying for it? Don’t let what they say bother you.

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sounds like they don't even know what they're talking about. you KNOW best and YOU know your child best. Take heart, you're doing an amazing job from the sounds of it and your child will benefit. Some people will not understand but you know what's right for your baby!

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That’s exactly what my parents have said and guess what?!? They’re not paying for my food and if I want to try everything under the sun To get my child to eat and find something they like I will. I could care less what anyone has to say! What you should do is tell your parents that is not their job to be so negative!!

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Do they think he’s going to magically just start eating someday? I mean there is a level of just giving in, but that’s to not stress about him not eating what you offer, you aren’t supposed to completely stop offering things! It’s so draining constantly watching them turn their nose up at what we offer, but we gotta keep doing it (as much as our mental health allows). It’s so hard when people just don’t get it

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F them that's stupid. Food will be wasted no matter what you do. Octopus hot dog what a great idea. I'll have to try that! You rock seriously just try to shake it off. Who knows maybe your little one would eat everything on the plate. Sometimes its just a nibble we never know. We are in charge of putting options on the plate they are in charge of eating.

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Out of all of this, remember your sister has got you. Parents think they know all but times have changed, and they aren't the parents anymore. They just don't have anything else to talk about. Don't take it personally. It's them not you.
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