Tumble Dryer.. Thoughts please

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My 10-year-old tumble dryer has decided it’s coming to the end of its life…. I don’t tumble much at all but have a 3-year-old and a newborn so it’s needed on the odd occasion and if we had a wet winter…. I have a small house …. It’s got to be a condenser but two optionsheat pump- adv energy rating is A++dis-initial out lay is more will I make use of it to make a savingcondenseradv-cheaperdis-energy cost (B) compared to A++thoughts please

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I have a heat pump and it uses about 300w an hour, very cheap to run however you’d have to do the sums to see if you’d recoup the extra spent if you don’t use it much. Bear in mind though that as your children get older you’ll undoubtedly have more washing! Personally I’d invest in a heat pump and know that if you do need to use it more in the future it won’t be expensive.

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I have a Indesit condenser under my stairs in my living room, before the price hike it was 50p for an hr, haven't used it in months because I'm still putting washing outside our thing having it under stairs is when it's on we don't need the heating on as it pumps out so much heat.

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Consider a dehumidifier with the laundry setting. They are brilliant for drying clothes/remove damp and warm the room. I never use my tumble dryer or heated airer now. Got mine from Screwfix. Best thing l ever bought but make sure it has the laundry feature. Got mine from Screwfix
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