Halloween × Pumpkins

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Halloween × Pumpkins

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Now its Halloween there are pumpkins everywhere. In the shops they are cheap. So… does anyone do anything with them apart from carving them.? Can i roast them? Like a butternut squash.

Many thanks.

It just seems sych a waste

Re: Halloween × Pumpkins

Post by Carol »

My neighbour used to make Pumpkin muffins.

Re: Halloween × Pumpkins

Post by Amy »

Pumpkin brownies, pumpkin crumble, pumpkin curry, pumpkin soup, roasted , mashed... the list is endless. There are tons of recipes online .. I love them

Re: Halloween × Pumpkins

Post by Zoe »

Spicy pumpkin soup is a favourite in my house...super simple and really tasty. Diced the pumpkin,boil till soft in veg stock...add mixed spice and blend. You can add cream if you choose too,to make it thinner. Freezes nicely too

Re: Halloween × Pumpkins

Post by Sarah »

I put it in curries. Make soup and pumpkin marmalade. Also pumpkin cake (like carrot cake but very moist). Freeze in portions for curries and cake at a later date.

Re: Halloween × Pumpkins

Post by Anne »

The smaller ones are better for cooking with, pumpkin 🎃 and ginger jam is really good
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