What's everyone opinion on air purifiers?

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In the winter my son suffers coupe I already have the vicks humidifier but I heard air purifier would help. What do u think?

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We have them all around the house because my husband has a lung condition. They've definitely helped him though tbh I've never checked how much they cost to run because they help so it's worth it for us.

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I don't have allergies but have a couple in the house including one in bedroom. They definitely make the air feel cleaner and get rid of smells and stuffiness, I'm a big fan of them

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I bought this one from Amazon. I have only started to use it for my son who has severe dust mite Allergy and severe eczema. I'm not sure yet how effective it has been.I went by the reviews and I'm hoping it's making a difference. I have just put my energy plug on it to see how much it cosy per hour. Will update later

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