Dehumidifier or heated airer?

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Please can I have Advice on what people are using?

Thank you

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I use Dehumidifier sometimes if I can’t dry on clothes line outside. Never use a drier now that there is just two of us.

I also, check the forecast for the week and do my washing on a rain free day. A 20 setting seems to get clothes clean and fresh.
Jo Tomlin-Sims

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Lakeland heated airers are fantastic. I have had one for four years and use it daily and have just bought a second and they have such a lot of hanging space and very economical - well worth a look online.

If you get the cover to go with it it dries in half the time, or a duvet cover or sheet over it helps as an alternative

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Dehumidifier much better and smaller than a airer airer fresher and water gone clothes dried that day win win for me

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Dehumidifier. I tried a heated airer with the cover that it came with and had it on overnight and everything was still wet in the morning. Clothes dry in a few hours with the dehumidifier and it costs the same as the the heated airer to run

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Daft question but how loud are dehumidifiers as currently I dry mine in a standard maiden in a small spare bedroom with the window open in the summer and radiators in the winter, dry in one day in the summer but 2-3 days in the winter and donet smell fresh so was thinking dehumidifier, are they too loud for my bedroom?

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My dehumidifier collects so much water generally from my cottage. I bought a few years ago in Lidl and it is a Godsend.

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I have both. Dehumidifier definitely speeds up drying as opposed to heated maiden on its own, but I’ve never got the hype about the maidens
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