My gas and electric bill has increased by £60

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I am going to struggle to pay it, but what should I say to my company when I phone them. Not confident with things like this.

Thank you..

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Can someone explain please, when people say they have phoned their energy provider and they have reduced their bills, are you saying they have put you on a lower rate?

Or have they reduced the direct debit which could potentially put the account into debt?

I do understand about paying only for what you use but my usage increases significantly in the winter and my income doesn't so this wouldn't work for me.


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Say those exact words . Unfortunately the only thing they will suggest is that you lower your usage or have a prepay meter which means you pay or do without.They do try to help with payments by various methods but at the end of the day you do need to pay for what you use.

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Ask them to see how much spent on gas and electric and tell them that you cannot afford the increase. That’s what I did and said how can you justify me paying double to what I am actually spending, and they then agreed that o shouldn’t be paying that amount and we came to an agreement that was a little higher but manageable and now I’m always in credit ready for the winter months

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Please speak with your suppliers customer service team. They hold all your account information and are well equipped to assist. Please bear with them and be patient. There are a lot of disgruntled customers at the moment. But they really are doing their best to assist everyone.

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I went on my octopus account and simply lowered the direct debit amount. It gave a warning saying it may not cover winter fuel bills but while the account is not in debit, there is not much they can say. If you are already in debit, I would ring, some companies like octupus have some support, always worth a conversation

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If you pay dd your monthly payment is based on what you used last year divided by 12 with the increase of unit payment I phoned them and told them cause of the increase of the unit charge I will not be using as much lights will be turned off when not in use and put on later I will not be have my heating on all year like normal and asked could I pay less on my dd the answer was no but to give regular readings and if I over pay they can refund me the over payment then next year my dd we be based on this year's this was a few months ago and I was in credit by 402 pounds and had 400 put back in bank and they reduced my dd by 20 pounds only the reason they gave cause it was winter and they couldn't see me reducing it by the same amount I had the last few months

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Speak to the company/person that services your boiler every year there is something that they can turn down on the boiler that will save you money xx

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You are going to get £66 a month back from them would this not help you for 6months??

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Use there online service or email them. I told shell I don't want my direct debit increased & they emailed back the next day to confirm it was staying as it was

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Get them to check meter l.Explain why you cant pay and tell them you are doing everything you can as long as you are making payments they cant force you to do anything.when i was on economy 7 i was accused of fixing meter if i knew how i would be rich economy 7 meant cheap after midnite so that when i did my washing.someone came out took one look at my tiny house checked meter nothing wrong

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Good news is that for the next 6 months you will get £66 a month took off your bill.

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Contact them by email if you don’t feel confident enough to actually talk to them.

Tell them you will pay for what energy you use each month and just try to cut back on stuff if you can by turning switches off etc

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Please do not worry I like you am not a confident person.

All gas and electric companies have to help you I am on universal credit my income is £316 a month before it went up 10, I was on £306 a month.

I am with British gas I pay £45 a month and the government help also goes to British gas I will continue with the £45 I pay as well.

Please do not panic but please get in touch with your energy company I got divorced in Jan this year after living with an alkie and woman abuser if I can help you further then please do not hesitate to get in touch do you get the Martin Lewis money saving tips weekly email it has a lot on there

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I phoned my energy company explaining I couldn’t afford the increase and they reduced it for me but told me to keep an eye on my future usage and bills, etc.
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