Obviously scared to put heating on just yet

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I was really quite cold tonight, obviously scared to put heating on just yet, but filled my hot water bottle and sat with a throw on to watch tele and honestly, really worked, I warmed up in no time, give it a try if you haven’t already.

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i have been slowly doing this as routine since my husband was taken ill in 2008 and eventually i was widowed 11 years ago in 2011.It was like going back to my childhood my Dad died at 36 and my mom brought 3 little ones up on her own had a widows pension and then a few hours cleaning jobs as a home help.She used to walk to work and back as couldnt afford bus fares . Them days there was no central heating .no showers .no tumble dryers .no fridge in my house ,no phone.she would rent a tv but you know what we survived .Unfortunately its affecting all of us now and we all have to adjust but just think of ways to keep the money you work so hard for.It makes you realise how much money we all waste.

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Get some candles close your living room door to keep the heat in you will be surprised how much heat candles give off the long burn candles are the best

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I have a blanket which you put on backwards, put arms in wrap round back it comes up to your chin has a pocket at the bottom to put your feet in , it was so warm had to lower it. No need to put my heating on at, that's me sorted for winter.

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I love those oversize fleece hoodies in Primark and other high street shops.

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I love my hot water bottle and blanky... do this every winter cos I like to be cosy but my other half gets too hot if the heating goes on too early in the year. And to be perfectly honest, the house isn't cold, it's just that I am because I find it hard to regulate my body temp.

Too be honest though, I refuse to sit in a cold room and when the heating needs to go on, it will, regardless of cost. We only ever put it on long enough to warm the rooms up and it then is regulated by thermostat which is set at 18....and it very rarely clicks back on unless its minus temp outside. At night it's switched off and we open a window slightly when we're in bed, because it gets stuffy otherwise.

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My heating has been on. I’m already cold most of the summer, it’s horrendous come this time of year (and later into winter is unbearable). I usually will wear 2 pairs of bed socks even during the day, but can’t do that at the moment cos I have something wrong with my foot and one pair hurts, can’t get 2 on. I have thermals, dressing gowns, blankets and a heated throw. But yeah, heating definitely has been going on. If I can’t afford all the bills when they come in, I’ll go on a payment plan. I’m not gonna be in agony because I’m so frozen

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Although it's gone chilly, I've just added another layer and got higher tog duvets. I've got throws on the sofa and asked for Sherpa throw off my sister which I'm kindly getting as my Christmas gift this year. I'm also drinking warm drinks and remembering to eat small but often which actually creates energy which also warms you up. Lastly walking around the house and up and down stairs a few times which costs nothing can raise heart rate making you warm. I do have Sherpa hoodie and huge warm dressing gown and hot water bottles but it's not cold enough for them yet by any stretch. I'd also suggest people consider sleeping bags for when your sat watching TV they keep you really warm are really useful and can be affordable plus they can be rolled up and put away and hidden when not in use.
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