Does anyone have a cool success story of a teenager or young adult who was forever picky but now eats everything?

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I need a glimmer of hope..

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My cousin! She wouldn’t eat anything colourful or even have sauce on burgers. Now she even eats oysters! (She’s mid twenties now)

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My sister was SUPER picky as a kid, when she started dating she made herself try new brings because I guess she didn’t want to be the girl on a fancy dinner date eating chicken tenders 😂 sometimes their friends help.

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I’ve been watching a tv series about adult picky eaters and it has been a great comfort to see there is help and hope

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My dad is super picky, which made me picky as I mimicked him as a kid, and I’d say it’s been about 3 years(I’m 25) that I’ve been teaching myself to try new things, and remind myself that if I don’t like it at least I tried it! I used to do just like my dad and look at something and decide I don’t like it if it doesn’t look appealing to me. I eat lots more things now, for example I discovered that I absolutely love salmon, I used to be grossed out just looking at it! Anyways, that’s my story of someone who now eats pretty much anything haha

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I remember I didn’t like veggies or fruits I still don’t really care for fruits but I like veggies raw most times peppers carrots broccoli etc

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I was a picky eater as a child and now eat pretty much everything (no liver and onions) but all fruit, veg and will try anything. My husband was picky and will try anything but is generally good now. My brother in law only ate yogurt, French fries and cottage cheese for his entire childhood. He now will try most anything and travels the world for work and finds foods to eat (really enjoys Indian food).

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My husband was a picky kid. He did not eat veggies. He said his turning point was in college when he lived on his own and did not eat the healthiest. He started feeling like crap and began eating more variety and making a bigger effort to eat better.

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I’m still waiting for my 16 year old to make this transition, *but* my brother was a super picky eater as a kid. No vegetables, few fruits, and he subsisted mainly on easy to microwave convenience foods. Now he’s super into culinary things and will try all manner of foods that I wouldn’t get close to as a non-picky eater. There is hope! It may take a couple of decades, but they might get there!

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Me! I was really picky as a kid and didn’t really start trying newer things until I was about 16-18. Now I eat most things. I’m hoping my boy does eventually too
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