Has anyone done feeding therapy, and can give me some advice?

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I’m new to this.

My 21 month old will start feeding therapy next week. She is a good eater when it comes to her safe foods of course, I can’t get her to try any new foods even when making fun. The other day she did try a strawberry when she saw her cousin running around with one & asked for one herself. That made me happy to see! She does have a baby sister who she sees eat all the time but never asks for anything she may have. Between September-till now she has gained 2 pounds. Because she’s growing & overall healthy her doctor says this is normal toddler behavior & shall pass one day. She’s my first kid and I just want her to have a good relationship with food. It’s more so me who pushed seeing therapy for our pickiness. But im also terrified that she may seem pressured to try things & we fall back in the cycle of seeming stressed when time to eat. I let her decide how much she wants, I put no pressure around feeding and that’s taken a lot of stress off of me. I will be there with her for therapy its only once a week for a hour.

Thank you!

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It's a great choice. I'm just starting therapy with my 12-year-old and I wish I'd started earlier. We've had a couple great responses from our first session. My daughter sounds like she eats a lot like your child. Good luck

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My son is 6 years old and we have been working with a feeding therapist since he was 2.

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Never heard of feeding therapy!!! Hope you share your experience and results
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