Did anyone has experiences about babies didn’t want to sit in high chair for eating?

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My son is 9 months old, he just wanted to stand in high chair ( not safe ) but he wanted to eat!

I am spoon feeding.

Any tips ? Much appreciate

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Mix in some chopped food he can he with his fingers. He might find it fun and sit down

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Can his feet touch something in the high chair or are they dangling? My daughter sat in a booster seat on the table (no chance of flipping and I never left her alone, our EI social worker saw me do it and had no issues with it) then grew out of that and we tried the high chair, but she hated it so after a week or two of fighting I just let her stand at the table on a normal chair and she was happy as a clam. I tried a toddler table which she liked, but it was too easy for her to get down or feed the dog.. She stood on the chair till almost 2.5, but we kept the high chair out because she liked to put her animals in it and have them taste her food first then at almost 2.5 she decided to start sitting in it.

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My boys were the same way.. I just bought a lil table and chair set and they love it!!! Been sitting at the table since around 8 months. They are 3 and 5 now.
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