I'm at a complete loss now following what my HV and SALT have said about my daughters eating

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She’s been picky since about 10 months of age, she’ll be 2 next month.

i was always offering safe foods alongside new foods for exposure and to allow her to choice of what she does with new food. we’ve added “new” foods to her list, but they’re still not nutritious and are the exact same texture as everything else - hard and crunchy.

SALT actually discharged her after one visit because she has no issues with chewing/swallowing (clearly bc she eats tough foods)

she hasn’t gained any weight in the last 5 months, so has dropped from the 75th to the 50th centile.

HV and SALT are now saying that i should STOP offering safe foods because she “knows” she’s going to get them and that’s why she isn’t entertaining new foods.

something about that advice doesn’t sit right with me, as that was how i grew up - this is what’s in front of you and if you don’t eat it then you don’t eat at all.

what on earth do i do now?🥺

EDITED TO ADD: they’ve also said that i need to push more to get  her to eat different foods otherwise she’ll end up with an aversion to ALL foods…

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Maybe try get a dietician involved instead of salt? Honestly I do not like that advice either.. my little guy would starve if I followed what they said.. I work with a girl and she said her son was desperate when he was small, he is in his 20s now. But she said the best advice she was ever given was give him what he will eat and lots of it..thats what I'm doing now with my little guy

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Hiya, at her age it's common to plateau in weight for a few months, so I personally wouldn't worry about that, likewise her centile drop is also OK. What is your concern with her eating? What does she eat/not eat

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I know their level of training will differ but I know I got really terrible advice from our HV when my son got fussy at a similar age. I didn't realise how bad it was at the time but basically she told me to only offer whatever we were having and no alternatives. Then I joined a group similar to this and realised how wrong and damaging this advice was. I can't advise with regards to SALT as although my son went to them as he had delayed speech there was no advice from there for fussy eating - it's unusual to be referred before 2yo though. I know that the Dr would only usually be worried if they drop over 2 percentiles. I'd keep offering their safe foods but you know you can have a little bit of something they don't eat on the plate - I find the segregated plates helpful

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You can't force her to eat. This is exactly why I haven't spoken to anyone with regards to my 5 year old.

This evening we had fajitas. I asked him what he would like to eat. He then got a wrap out put it on his plate, and said he wanted chocolate spread on it. So I put chocolate spread on it, and he ate some of it. He hasn't wanted to try a wrap before. And I don't think pressure helps at all. I do not however offer anything else apart from what I have cooked, and he knows this. But I do make some exceptions, like tonight and the chocolate spread as it meant he was trying a new food. And now he wants to finish the wrap for breakfast tomorrow.

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You nod and smile and continue doing what you're doing.

If you believe it's a texture thing, get Occupational therapy involved (however you do that in the UK). They will help with the sensory issues.

Not offering safe foods at all is terrible advice

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I think you are her mum and you know her. My boy is/was picking coz I let him. Did all usual offered safe food etc. no luck. Then I said I can’t cook for him separately at all so what we have he has. We had few days of tears etc but I make sure he had huge breakfast/lunch then forced dinner. He now eats so many new stuff coz I persisted. He even LOVES the soup which he hated before. I know he doesn’t like mince so encourage that but don’t force it. But I knew my boy is picking coz he had a chance and it was pushing boundaries.

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Red meat: try Bolognese but puree it totally smooth with a stick blender

Crunchy: you can make chicken crunchy, like chicken bites or strips that are air fried
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