What do your little ones eat while sick?

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(if anything)
My 4.5 yo very particular eater has hardly eaten anything the last two days while he’s been sick. I’m trying not to stress but it worries me.

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Not really. May take a bite here and there of his faves but even then it's very minimal. Mine is more apt to drink juice maybe, and sometimes may do popsicles

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It usually becomes just major snacking - cheeze it’s, good fish, I try to get a fruit pouch in or honey covered fruit… and lots of juice to keep calories up.

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While they’re unwell all rules go out the window. Whatever they’ll eat to get some calories in them.

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It's more important to push fluids than food, but I let my daughter eat whatever she wants when she's sick and she takes full advantage of getting all the chips and ice cream she wants. But when she's too sick, she just drinks water, which is fine. She drinks a lot and stays hydrated. She also likes popsicles, mostly yogurt popsicles when sick.

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I really just just focus on hydration. Water and Popsicles. Then anything they will eat. I like to keep it a bit plain cause my kids always barf when they have a cold, cause of the post nasel drip. Toast, pancakes no syrup, cheerios, noodles.

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Next to nothing but once he’s better it’s kinda good because he is more willing to try new foods due to lack of caloric intake ! However my son is 2 as disclaimer. I use those shakes to get us by.

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Wotsits and biscuits when he's sick. Every time. Doctors said as long as they drink it's ok but ideally better to drink full sugar squash to keep the sugar levels up
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