My son is tall but skinny and I'm having a hard time with pajamas

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I have a question for everyone with tall kiddos..

My son is tall but skinny and I'm having a hard time with pajamas. His size 6 pajamas are too shorts but okay in the shirt but I was thinking of bumping him up to a 7 and I fear the pants are going to be way to big on his waist.

Anyone know a good brand to use for tall skinny kiddos? I read that Bert's and Bees is a good one so I ordered a couple pair but thought I would ask here while I wait for them to come.

I also hear Old Navy? Or does anyone know of just some good pajama pants that I can just have him wear a tshirt with? I super appreciate it!

Thank you!

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also would you still be able to find a onesie PJ for your kiddo? Don't know what size 6 is in the US but maybe onesies are still made in that size then you don't have to worry about the waist being too wide etc

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I always feel kids clothes from GAP, burts bees and tea collection tend to fit long and lean kiddos well

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Any of the tight fitting PJs work for my stick of a girl (tall and skinny). Anything other than leggings fall off.

Cat and Jack is kind of between sizes for her. It’s big so she wears 2T now but the cat and Jack 18 months fit her just right.

If the legs are too short, try some tube socks for while he sleeps.

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My son is like this. For waists that aren’t adjustable, I tuck/cinch and sew the waistbands in one or two spots and let them out again later.

Non-pjs, His fave pants are the cat & jack adjustable waist straight leg ones, and sometimes we can find those in slim as well!

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You could always just pin or put a couple stitches in the waist band of the bigger size until he fills it out in the waist. I had that issue with my daughter she wasn't tall, but very thin and lanky. I know old navy and even Walmart sell slim size jeans(in girls, idk about boys), and I'm not sure about pj's.

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I have girls, so we just use nightgown to avoid this issue, but we always had better luck with snug fitting pajamas from carters. If you go for smaller size to fit the waist, you can always cut the cuff on the ankle to loosen it.
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