My picky kid (3) is a STRICT WATER DRINKER

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I need help!

Well, she’s dealt with constipation her whole life and it’s gotten worse since we started potty training. She must take miralax twice a day for 3 weeks and once a day for the foreseeable future. She will rarely eat applesauce but I can sneak it that way maybe once a day. She eats yogurt sometimes.

Any other mommas have this issue and successfully administer meds?! She won’t drink it in her water bc it tastes funny.

I need ideas on what to put it in!

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We put my daughter’s in juice. My daughter does like juice but she won’t drink much of it. She knows she has to drink her juice every day, even if she doesn’t want to.

We use a shot glass, and she has her own cute ones we’ve let her pick on vacations etc. so it’s a very small amount of juice. We had used lemonade in the past. You could even try milk or chocolate milk?

The flavor of juice has alternated. At one point she wanted orange, then mango, and now just apple. When she starts refusing we see if she needs to try a different flavor of juice.

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My daughter has struggled with this. What I found that helps, is that I make special popsicles with coconut water in it. Natural laxative. She loves it and my son does as well. She thinks she is getting a “treat” but really it’s just helping her. I can post a recipe that we used and love

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Mine doesn't notice when it's in OJ. I know you said she's picky with beverages but any juice should be fine. Also, I find the generic ones don't dissolve as much. Shake the heck out the cup and let it sit for a few. It's tasteless. Just make sure it's dissolved.

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Pear juice works as well as miralax
See if she likes the sweetness of that

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Mine eats a jar of puréed prunes every day since before she can remember so she’s used to it. I have to mix a teaspoon or two of miralax into the prunes (add a splash of water) to keep her regular

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My daughter is 100% water only, no juice or milk. I managed to mix it into a spoonful of peanut butter and she eats it. I did it slowly so she wouldn’t notice it too much. Now she asks for sprinkles in her PB!

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Liquid additives like Mio helped my oldest with the exact same issue. I let him squirt it into the cup of water. He loved it, and it helped mask the taste of the miralax. It also helped expose him to fruity flavors, and we were able to get him to drink juice after a few weeks of using the Mio.
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