Euthanization so cruel but I've struggled so much with this doggo

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Need some advice on my baby boy.

I've had Champ under 3 years. I WFH and wanted a senior dog since they're often overlooked and since I figured they'd be calmer and he's be my snuggle buddy as I worked. In those 3 years, Champ's been heartworm positive (an expensive treatment + 2 months of him being absolutely calm), had glaucoma (eye removal surgery), and SEVERE separation anxiety: he barks nonstop when I leave him and my landlord/neighbors complained. It severely impacted my own mental health, finances and social life: I could not live him alone for several months until I found a med combo that worked for him.

He's heavily medicated every single time I leave the house but for shorter trips (under 2 hours), I just bring him with me. He can be mean sometimes and my friends have had a LOT of grace 😕

Unfortunately, he's almost blind in the other eye...his anxiety has increased a ton and he's a lot slower walking with me...which is fine, I LOVE old dogs and I love carrying him, but it is extremely impractical and frustrating I can't run to Walmart for 20 minutes without taking him with me, hauling him in my car, etc since I literally cannot leave him alone without giving him meds 2 hours before and overall don't like medicating him that much for short trips.

Euthanization for this seems so cruel but I've struggled so much with this doggo. Even so, I love him and he's been there for me through some rough times.
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