I lost my puppy to parvovirus yesterday

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How do I treat my home and garden? We’d like to get a new puppy in a few months.

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Sad. Sorry, should not have had to happen. Parvo is an ugly death. Am I shaming? Yes! If a pet owner cannot be responsible, they should not have a pet! They are not toys! Poor puppy.

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Parvo can live in your yard and area for over 6 months. Wait sory for your pain. For your next pup have a vet appointment already set up for on the way home.

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Parvo can live in the environment for 10 years. Your best bet is to get a fully vaccinated puppy or adult dog

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Only thing that kills parvo is bleach. I would also advise the puppy have all its vaccines before coming to your home just to be safe.

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Parvo is super difficult to get rid of, and even if you speak to your vet or online, you will find that it can live to a very long time on ALL surfaces, from in the home to outdoors. DO NOT bring home a puppy or any dog that is not fully vaccinated or expose any pup to another that has not been fully vaccinated. Even then, it is not a guarantee they will not get it. I don't know about the response about how it lives for 10 years, but it certainly a huge issue, especially when cleaning up or bringing any dog into the area. Just laundering items in the home (even in hot water) does not remove it. There is a good reason, when bringing home a pup (whether vaccinated or not) to keep them eliminating stool in ONE area vs all over the yard.

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Sorry for your loss please do not just get another pup to bring home. parvo can live in The yard for years. outside in the yard can be 9 or 10years even. buy a pesticide yard sprayer to fill up with a Pavo killer so you can saturate your yard and I mean saturate not just damp or the surface. From what our vet told us we had a puppy pull through years ago but they wanted to absolutely flush our yard.

and making sure your house has been properly disinfected and cleaned and having your puppy stay inside until vaccinations are complete is the best solution puppy pads or a designated area that you keep them on a leash and allow them to go.  do not allow your puppy to go on walks or be taken to any public places we had to keep our puppy in a bag whenever I took her to our local tractor supply or pet friendly areas or kept her in the trunk of our car and allowed her to be socialized by just watching people walk bye. we did not allow her to touch the ground at all. and even your shoes can track in the virus sadly. again very sorry for your loss but perhaps knowing some of these will help for your future puppy because it’s not just about your yard. But what your puppy is exposed to in general
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