Can dogs sense that they will be put down or become afraid and are the symptoms enough for him to be put down?

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Hi Guys!

Sorry for a sad post but I am just needing some advice.

My dog is going to the vet tomorrow for a check up as he is incontinent, has weak back legs and is 16 and a half! He gets anxiety too when he is away from his master (my mum).

I am afraid that may say this is enough to put him down and I’m trying to mentally prepare myself for it.

My question is, can dogs sense that they will be put down or become afraid and are the symptoms enough for him to be put down?

He is also still eating, still gets excited around his master and still jumps up and down when he goes out of the house.

Thanks in advance for the advice.

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I don't believe in putting an animal to sleep unless it is a last resort. I have a cat that I thought was going to die over a year ago. The doctor said unless you have a good amount of money and money for chemo if it's cancer because she had lumps and it was in an area that really couldn't be operated on. I didn't have much money. We did steroid injections for a while and pain meds but I knew she didn't like the meds. I couldn't bring myself to put my cat to sleep and I just kept hanging on that she would feel better or pass in her sleep. I would spend a lot of time with her and I thought she was going to pass anytime cuz she got really bad for awhile. I questioned myself. It's now over a year later and she's out playing and she's doing good and she's eating and she goes to the bathroom alright and I'm so glad I didn't do that. I just knew in my heart I couldn't put her to sleep, maybe it was because I had lost my mom and I just felt like I couldn't. I don't know so make sure. She's a little miracle in my eyes. I'm just one of the types that would rather hold my animal and let it die in my arms or on my bed beside me. Sorry for rambling. God bless your baby.

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16 yrs.. You know him by now. Please do not be afraid to make the decision. quality of life is important. I believe animals have a better acceptance of when it's time than people do. His comfort is paramount. But please for both your sakes stay with him through the procedure if it is deemed time. I have had to do this too many times But only once ever truly regretted it. That was the time when I did not stay there with him... Good luck

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I am not a vet so I cannot comment on if it is his time or not. Usually they will let you know when it is.Please be with him when it is time. I know how hard that will be but they want to see a friendly face not a stranger in a vets office when they leave us

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Mine is almost 13, has shaky legs and overall sleeps a lot. She’s very happy and still plays at times like a puppy. Some days she doesn’t eat in am and by noon she is eating. My time will be when she no longer has a quality of life, is in pain meds can’t control not eating for more than 3 days. That’s my plan. But I won’t know until the time is clear. From what you described your pet is still happy and eating. So I would say there is still time. Enjoy Christmas and reevaluate in the new year, unless things change. That is what I would share with my clients.

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I had to put my last 3 dogs down. I tried to make the visit seem exactly like any other visit to the vet. I didn't see any difference in their behavior. After the the first shot I held them til the end.

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I had a dog growing up that developed similar symptoms. There are things you can do to improve quality of life such as using diapers and if the back legs drop working then getting a wheel chair.

I say this especially because he is eating, getting excited, enjoying life in general. I’m usually a BIG supporter in focusing on giving good quality of life as long as you can as long as they are not in pain.

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My little dog had wobbly back legs and kept falling over. I thought it was the end but she lived for several more years and her legs recovered. Make her rest for a few days. I put my girl on Rose hip powder Which I believe helped. She lived to 19 years. If she is eating and still excited about life...its not time.
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