Can anyone recommend a good brand or what’s materials/fibres to look for buying?

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Tired of paying good money for white sheets only to have them rub within a few weeks. Can anyone PLEASE recommend a good brand or what’s materials/fibres to look for buying.

Thank you.

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I have brought the world softest sheets from Adairs they are great. I have had Sheridan in the past not as good as these ones. I also have a super king bed so the cost of a sheet set can be $400 when not in special for me

Post by Sarah »

I LOVE my bamboo sheets. so silky soft and last for years. Don't fade, just love everything about them

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I know pure linen sheets are expensive, but once you have slept in them you will never go back, warm in winter and stay cool in summer, we have had ours for 3 years, using them constantly and still as good, if not better than when we bought them

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I have been using 1000 percale Egyptian cotton sheets purchased online from Kogan for 5 years in a rental property and they are in the same condition/as new after many many washes. If they mark I soak them in napisan and they come up as new. Be aware though, the top sheet header will need to be ironed to eradicate wrinkles, as they are pure cotton.

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If they consistently rub within a few weeks then it's likely the pyjamas/ socks you wear in bed. Piling of sheets happens when a rougher material rubs it out of its place and causes the cotton threads to start disintegrating.

It could also be if you have your washing machine or dryer set in too high of a tumble.

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Please ladies also note that the higher number doesn't mean quality.

Its the thickness of the sheet.

So if your in a warm climate or a hot sleeper, 1000+ sheets are not the way

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Not sure what you mean by ‘rub’ but I don’t buy anything other than Sheridan 1200. And the one time one of my fitted sheets got a small tear on it they replaced it without question.

Post by Joy »

Sheridan sheets do not pill and they have fitted sheets with 50cm drop suitable for king size beds…..their fitted sheets have tags for top/bottom so a breeze to put on (no idea why I hadn’t thought putting tags on years ago!) expensive but worth the money and Sheridan have great sales from time to time.

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