About to build and am considering a Pot filler tap above our stove. Has anyone got one what are pros and cons?

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Looking for advice. About to build and am considering a Pot filler tap above our stove. Has anyone got one what are pros and cons?

My reasoning is that I’m not having a sink on our island bench.. it’s off to the side along the wall. I can’t decide if I like the look of them or not.

Any pics would be appreciated!

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Kitchens should be practical. In the US, there is a lot of boiling compared to Australia.

If you're not boiling a heap in large pots, then it's really not needed.

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I LOVE the look but we decided against it because:
  1. Our stovetop cooking is mostly open frying/simmering etc, not boiling, so most of the time it would just get covered in cooking grease or food splatters.
  2. It seems like it would be annoying to clean.
  3. Even if you use it for boiling/steaming etc, you still need to go to the sink to empty the pot.
  4. We are only a household of four people and never need to cook with such big pots or so much water that it would be too heavy to carry to and from the sink.

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I have always wondered about this, how you be allowed to have water going into a fridge but couldn’t have a tap over your stove?

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Just need to check your construction regulations. In Queensland it may not be allowed. But I saw they were successful getting one on the Block.

They may breach water near power regulations.

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I had one in my old terrace ,it also had a pull out feature so that it could reach nearly a metre away ,which was handy for filling buckets .Go for it you won’t be sorry.

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It’s not hard to fill a pot and carry it is it? Or fill it using jugs? It’s once a day at most. Cheaper than having plumbing and taps installed over a cooker.
Sz ~

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I’m getting one for just that reason. My sink is in the side bench as I want my island clear. I’ll also have my kettle on the stove bench so water on hand makes sense. I’m going with ABI taps

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I love the look of them but practically only get most of its function when doing Xmas puddings. We did put our sink off centre in our island so is close to our induction cooker.

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