Can you paint over wallpaper?

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I have a question. Can you paint over wallpaper.

Post by Shelby »

I used to paint over anaglypta wallpaper yrs ago.. But yes you can depending what wallpaper because u don’t want see the seams

Post by Tanya »

I haven't, however, I have read from several people who say the paint caused their wallpaper to bubble and created a bigger mess than had they taken the time to remove it first. So as Joy has stated above, if it's not designed for paint, you may want to do a test section first!

Post by Rachael »

Yes definitely, I've done this before in the UK where every wall is wallpapered.. some people actually put paper up to then paint because it's a smoother finish if there are issues with the walls.

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You can only paint over wallpaper that doesn’t have any kind of coating on such as the plain white embossed style or lining paper. If the paper isn’t securely attached to the wall it will bubble and look dreadful also the seams will show up and that’s not a good look.

Post by Julia »

Yes, if it isn’t peeling. The embossed one comes up nicely.

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