It was a first time experience of this for me..

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I purchased a quilt cover, quilt and additional euro pillow cases and was very disappointed with the pillow cases matching the quilt cover as both came with a right hand opening.

Looks so untidy on the bed and can't be reversed because of the pattern.

Having rang the company twice and being told that they are made that way to avoid mismatching I will now have to remake one of the covers.

I haven't heard of this before so will not purchase from them again and I will in the future ask before I buy from anywhere.

It was a first time experience of this for me.

I wonder if anyone else has experienced this.

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I have honestly never heard of what you are talking about! Think they are all made the same.

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I just cover the middle with big cushions

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Yup. Most of the Kmart covers I buy have the opening on the wrong side of the pillowcase.

Same as a set I bought from Spotlight (Koo brand I think)

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Last year i bought an almost $200 quilt cover set for my daughters room and had this happn. I was so mad. The only consolation was that her bed is pushed up into a corner so you couldn't really see the open end. I feel your frustration

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This would drive anyone with ocd bonkers and it looks nicer. I would hate to think spending so much on Manchester only to come across this

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Does it really matter I didn’t even know there’s a good side

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