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If you are renovating or building add dimmers to your downlights and kitchen pendants. After dinner, you can turn down the kitchen pendants brightness for mood lighting.

Add dimmers to bathroom and toilet lights for middle of the night visits!

Add an external power point out the front of your house for Christmas lights. I forgot to do this.

Think where your Christmas tree is to be located and make sure there is a power point close by. Even consider two locations. This I did do.

Power points on either side of cooker. I only did one and this was a big mistake. Not all appliances have long cords!

You need a gang for the TV and where the internet goes. A gang in the butler's pantry and the garage if you will have a workshop.

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A hallway have switch each end to turn on and off at the other end
Mo ~

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Garden taps need to be where you can fix a reel to wash the car / windows etc and conveniently placed in the garden if you’re a keen gardener.

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Thanks for sharing such fabulous ideas Gayle and ladies!

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