There is still a need for a greenhouse to start plants early

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In Colorado, I had a Rion polycarbonate/plastic greenhouse and it worked well.

I moved to the northern part if Alabama (7b), where it almost is a greenhouse.

And yet, in the early season, there is still a need for a greenhouse to start plants early.

The problem is that the heat and humidity is so high in the summer that it is hard to imagine what it would take for adequate ventilation, unless the roof was removable or something.  The garden is 18x45 feet.

I am a capable builder, but this is a design challenge.

The idea of changing the cover ever 8 month is not appealing. 

Any ideas?

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Chicagoan here - I had a cute little greenhouse built and my chickens took it over. I have been using cold frames to start seedlings since then. A cold frame is a low structure with angled glass covers that you lift up on warm days for ventilation. They are super easy to build and you can even take them apart if space is limited. I start 250 - 300 tomato and pepper seedlings a year this way. I still tell myself I will build another greenhouse one day because you cannot walk inside a cold frame but they really are practical. Mine is made of old storm windows. I use vinyl only since I do not want lead paint to leach into areas where I grow food.

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I am in Oklahoma... 1 16" exhaust fan and 4 ground level floor registers (vents that open and close) placed low down on the side walls ... or, as previously suggested roll up side walls...
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