I am wondering when ya’ll remove your shade cloth?

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We are in zone 8A DFW area. If there are other members in our area.

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I kept my greenhouse empty this summer, so did not put the shade cloth in place. I started some seedlings the beginning of October and have not placed the shade cloth. My seedlings are doing well, and so are the few plants I brought in . My exhaust fan comes on automatically at 80 degrees. We live in the DFW area too. Things do not seem to have dried out, too fast, but my greenhouse is just 8x12 and I don’t mind hand-watering. Last year I removed my shade cloth December 1st. This is only my 2nd year, so it is still my big experiment!

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I just asked my wife the same thing...I'm guessing near the end of December , since last year it still wasn't too cold by then. This is the first year we've had the cloth up and I know if we remove it now, the plants inside will dry out a lot faster.

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We are 8a, abilene area, we rolled back the shade slats a month ago
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