Who uses a propane heater to heat greenhouse in winter?

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I have a 10x16 Yoder type greenhouse in zone 7 (Nashville TN) looking for suggestions on brands, BTUs and any other hints and hacks. I’m wanting to maintain temps in the 50s for houseplants/Tropicals.


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I use a 20,000 BTU Mr Heater vent free propane heater. My greenhouse is 800 square feet and two of these heaters work well to maintain the temperatures where I want it for tropical plants. I like the fact that they have a "thermostat". You'll need to play around with it, but generally I set mine to 1 or 1.5 and that dies the trick. Also, you can easily use small 20 lbs propane tanks, or like me, install a large 500 gallon tank and run a line to the heaters. Good luck.

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I have propane back up it’s not very economical make sure it’s an indoor rated heater with a vent.Outdoor patio heater will kill you

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Good calculators on line .. run. Fuel use rate based on 15 f you will see that.. I highly recommend tossing a big tarp over on those cold nights Wich can be removed in am .. 1 gallon propane is 45k btu so burn rate of 20k btu is 1/2 gallon per hr , or 1 $ at today’s price , , so 1$ per hr x24x 30 x4 is your bill to heat and I would double it for safety.. if heaters at bigger or multiple , units have another multiplayer good luck ..

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We use a Mr. Heater, zone 7a(b). If it runs continuously, it'll use about .95lbs an hour. We have a pedestal fan behind it.

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I'd be looking at the cost of propane for heating and electricity against the benefit of growing over winter .... I'd personally look at ground thermal heat pipes and solar power ... Before thinking of wood fired boilers and heat exchangers . And solar power for electricity.
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