The kind of metrics, information etc that SEOs and agencies

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Interested to know the kind of metrics, information etc that SEOs and agencies are displaying on their websites to promote their SEO services?
At the moment I have almost no info (just a page saying we do SEO) as my clients have all been referrals. But I think I should probably put one together.
What are people displaying?
  • testimonials
  • images of growth (sessions, clicks etc)
  • page 1 rankings
  • bookings
  • Sales

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Case studies for sure. 🚀

General information about what deliverables you receive from services. Accreditations. More information about the team.

Bring the brand to life. And blog about common questions in your niche.

Create great content and media generally speaking and show off your expertise.

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Transparent case studies.

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Oh, and to the average business person, SEO is seen as a dark art.
Show prospects that you're an expert, by offering downloads, ebooks, white papers and resources to help them understand the basics of SEO, and the processes involved in making a site more visible in the SERPs.
Not only does it show them you know what you're doing (the trust factor), it'll justify your prices.

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Depends on the target person. What sells me is an in-depth how to multi page on technical and basic SEO. This can be presented as both a download and multiple pages. I want to see that they have the knowledge. I have hired an SEO service because of this and showing that they speak about SEO to other SEOs (active in the community). I want to see pictures of the team in any public setting. Last a few youtube vids that discuss optimizations and what they do. I can see the personality and get a sense of their temperament. A couple graphs showing growth can help with decent copy but the above is what helps me make a financial decision.

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Don't talk about yourself. Your prospects don't care because they see the same BS on every agency website. E.g. we write content, we build high quality links, our values, bla bla bla.
Besides results and testimonials, here are some tips:
1. Show your process. What can they expect after filling out your contact form.
2. Mirror their beliefs. E.g. you'll love working with us if you take ROI seriously.
3. Give them realistic guarantees or promises. E.g. We'll only work with you when we are sure we can earn you more than you will invest.
4. Show your face
5. Identify their pain points and display them as solutions.
6. Show them benefits, but also explain the value of that benefit. Don't just write full transparency or 24/7 help.
7. Have an amazing offer. E.g. a free analysis of how much revenue they could be generating/how much they are missing out on. This takes some time and research but it's worth it.
PS: don't sell traffic or impressions, sell revenue and track conversions to show them the actual business outcome of SEO.

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Case studies with ROIs clients love to see how we increased businesses in the past.
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