I am trying to plan my greenhouse build for in the spring

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OK so first post for me and I have a couple questions. I am trying to plan my greenhouse build for in the spring. I plan early for budgeting.

I am curious is just putting down sand and bricks for flooring is enough to keep out unwanted pests or should I plan a wood floor.

I am hoping to purchase a home the following year so I plan to build something that is easy to take down also and the floor makes a difference.

Any advice is appreciated so thand you in advance.

If it makes a difference I live in the middle of NC so it doesn't get really cold here.

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If I still lived outside Raleigh & were planning a GH there, I'd use the bricks & sand over weedblock or cardboard. If you just used dirt, you'd have creatures tunneling under the walls into the GH.

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I just rolled out 6 oz commercial landscape woven fabric and used landscape staples to hold. Works great. Easy to move. No weeds and water drains through.

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We did sand and then patio pavers because we have raised beds all the way around our greenhouse. The pavers allow water to drain while keeping the ground level. I like being able to sweep the floor too.

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Land scape fabric and gravel if you are moving it any time soon. or just the fabric. Your plants don't need the bees, the bees need plants. Not everything is pollinated by bees. I grow greenhouse appropriate cucumbers so they don't need extra pollination. I don't do squashes. Letting bees in and beetles out isn't really feasible unless you keep the bees inside. I have a massive grasshopper problem. I put screen on the side that rolls up for ventilation and a box around my exhaust fans - that's probably not needed since they are only open when they are blowing. I caught several praying mantis outside and put them inside as well as a few Katydids.
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