What does everyone do to control rodents?

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clean your yard and get rid of old junks that can be breeding ground. if you destroy their living environment they will move to another location...

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RatX. I live in the forest, so it's important to me to ensure I don't pass the harm on to wildlife that might feed on them. This makes a huge difference without technically being poison.

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We have a heard of cats on the farm they definitely do good work.

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4 cats, 3 came in as strays, got them spayed/neutered shots...no more squirrel eating my peaches, no Chipmunks getting my strawberries, etc etc...

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We live in a city so ... mouse traps and a paintball gun for anything larger (like squirrels) ... though I suppose that's just for our outdoor stuff.

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We’ve been fighting rats in our barn for years. They’re the tunneling kind and have dug tunnels under the concrete floor. Caught them all with salmon for bait in our live traps. A couple years later we are now having trouble with them again. New tunnels everywhere. They won’t go into the live traps anymore tho. Someone told me about mixing plaster of Paris with dry Lipton soup so last night I put a few dishes of that out. We’ll see. Can’t have cats, we live too close to a busy road. There is at least one black snake in there, I find his skins all the time. But I guess he can’t get them all.

Where there is horse grain, chicken scratch, puppy food, etc there will be rodents.

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Poison baits can kill dogs and cats who eat a mouse that was poisoned. Tomcat snap traps, or live traps. Don't store food or grains in the greenhouse

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I have 4 cats living outside that I feed. The few times I got to see a rodent is (briefly) in their mouth...

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Repels-All granules work great on squirrels and chipmunks. It's not a poison

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I've never had a rodent inside the greenhouse but I did see a rat heading towards the garden. And there are moles under the landscaping paper inside the fenced garden now since it has rained. I'm thinking a cat is the answer.

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I have cats no rodents here. I have a cat door on my greenhouse. And for insect pest I use insecticidal soap with natural pyrthrins
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