What do you recommend for me it’s my first year with my greenhouse?

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I have two trays to plant winter vegetables this weekend.

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Keep in mind that today begins persephone period from now until first week in February. With less than 10 hours per day of sunlight, know matter how warm it is, growth will be super slow. You may have the exact same plants now as you do in February. Then growth will start to explode.

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Cimmeron lettuce, arugula, bok Choi, butter crunch lettuce. These will grow if you’re in zone six or higher. Any lower than that it was a struggle germinating.

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We grow chard, collards, kale, onions for green onions, beets, but we heat. Using heat, we actually harvest chard x2 each week. 4-5 plants for 2 people.

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Cool weather crops… any lettuce, Swiss chard, bok Choi, mustard greens. Fedco Seeds has a chart that provides the needed temp for germination. Find “library” on the left side of their page, once you select vegetables, herbs, etc.
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