What are you doing to increase humidity in your greenhouse?

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This is my first year. Zone 7a. I don’t have a ton of room. Greenhouse is 8x12.

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Run a humidifier. We also water down the floor and that raises it for a bit

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I am in zone 7a also... I water/increase humidity with a mister system 24" from the ground... attached to the walls of the greenhouse... FYI... I do grow in ground... not pots...

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I’m in zone 8. 8x16 greenhouse. Mostly Tropicals, heavy on the orchids and Nepenthes, but some food things, too. I water with a shower head waterer. I make sure to soak the gravel and the boardwalk. I just watered and am sitting in here feeling tropical!

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I just water everything lightly and I have humidity dripping from the ceiling
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