What are the pros and cons, or people's preferences..

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Hi Folks. This is my first time posting.

I'm planning on building a greenhouse from recycled windows.

What are the pros and cons, or people's preferences, between building a greenhouse on open ground so as to plant directly into the soil  V building it on a solid base?

I'm blessed with a situation where I have both options. I have soil but also a large area of tarmacked hardstanding.

Eventually I may go for both, but which would you choose to site your first greenhouse?

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If you do open ground you can easily run tubing underground to utilize geothermal heat. But you'll also need a very sturdy foundation and preferably underground insulation. We poured a deep rectangle of concrete for foundation.

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Wood structure rigid windows needs a proper foundation.Plastic tent not so much.If your making a new slab insulate it well from the cold ground

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We built a "deck" under our 6 x 8 greenhouse with treated 1 x 6 with 1" space between each board to allow the dirt to fall through (for easy clean up). Then we placed 2 x 10s on edge around the base so the poly sides did not go all the way down to the ground to protect from cracking. It also raised the greenhouse kit up that we bought so it would be taller for large plants inside. I am very pleased with the base. Good luck with yours.

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I prefer the earth. I have a small 14 x 14 that I left floorless...
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