What kind of outlets would you recommend? Regular or GFI?

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I am having electric ran into my new greenhouse this weekend.

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Electrician. Your home insurance (if you have it) will require it in case of an issue

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GFI for sure. I had an electrical fire in mine due to a water accident. Accidents beyond your control can happen! Protect yourself.

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GFI. Weather resistant. covered when not in use. Put in 2x as many as you think you might need.

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I don't know how big your greenhouse is but I had them run a big line 50 Amp so I could use 240 volt heaters.

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I planned for the worst. As if the water froze broke pipes and sprinkled the electrical boxes. They’re all waterproof and I have a switch 30 feet from the greenhouse that I can throw should it become necessary

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From what I know, there is only one gfi outlet per circuit, which is the last outlet in the circuit. I think about thirteen outlets or fixtures combined allowed per circuit. The electrician will know.
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