Need ideas for hanging my water lines from 2x4s

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What to use to attach and if I want to lower them a bit. Also general how-to info on water lines and drippers.


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I use a mister system... low down, 24" from the ground. The 1/4 tubing is so light it can be tacked to each 2 x 4 stud.

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Depending on what your looking for I went the cheap route and used hoses we already had that were old. I put adjustable droppers directly into the hose where I needed them on the ground but you could use zip ties to hang them. I also like the adjustable head sprayers that are on a adjustable stake. They spray 45-360 degrees depending on the type you pick.

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Look at Netafim drip, they are the experts. I am an irrigation contractor and that's what I use for drip
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