I want to grow tomatoes, cucumbers lettuce indoors this winter

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Would I need a grow light to have success. Also I want to just grow in dirt not the hydroponic system..

Looking for suggestions

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Yes you can. Lighting will be your primary issue. I do NOT recommend "grow lights". In my opinion they are criminally over priced and not worth it. I use ordinary cheap 4 foot LED shop lights. They are 5500 lumen and that is plenty. I paid under $20 for mine but I notice they have gone up since then.

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Tomatoes are warm weather plants. You’ll need to keep temps over 70 degrees F.

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Growing lettuce won't be a problem, it doesn't need much light. To get the tomatoes and cukes to bloom you will need full- spectrum. I used to use the tube lights - 1 warm and 1 cool in each fixture. It did a great jog growing transplants is gardens in Iowa, Tennessee and Michigan. I found 2000 lum grow lights on amazon to be cheaper than the 4ft fixtures and tubes this time. I am starting with 2 of the grow lights and seeing how it goes this year, I won't try tomatoes in my zone 5a greenhouse though. I bought several of the small, hang-from-a-chain-type grow lights from Lowe's last winter, I wasn't impressed with my transplants from them.

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I suggest lighting. I am in the UP of Michigan. My light's come on around January 1st. Lol I have 3 sets.
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