Where would you go in Europe if you were turning 30?

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Hello all lovely people! I’m turning 30 in December and want to spend two weeks in Europe. Probably visiting a few countries or maybe two since I won’t have that much time.

Any recommendations? The suggestions were sending me up north because of the snow. I’m not opposed to it, but I want to know: Where would you go in Europe if you were turning 30?

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Depends completely on your interests! Would you want to go to Amsterdam and visit the red light district, eat space cake and take an epic bike ride downtown? Or are you the type to take a boat down the Rhine in Paris, eat macarons and take a stroll through Luxemberg Gardens? Tell us about you so the reccomendation speaks more to what you’d like to do

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If it were me, I’d stay in the Warmer countries. Fly into barcelona or Madrid then book a flight to the other city, then fly to Lisboa train to Porto. Cheap, warm, good food, great night life.

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You wanna have sun and culture? Rome or Athens. You wanna have party? Amsterdam, Paris, Berlin. You wanna have snow? Scandinavian cities...
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